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  • Overcome looks how stress manifests itself in our bodies and mind and the several ways by which it is exhibited on a physical, emotional and behavioral level ​


  • The Program is both educational and experiential. ​ The educational piece is taught with short audiovisual videos. ​ The experiential segments are yoga therapeutic taught by us. ​

  • Our Reaction to stressors is delineated into two categories. ​ For each category, empowering self-regulating tools specific to that category are taught for managing and alleviating difficult moments. ​

  • The Overcome Program is divided into 4 sessions. The length of each session is 45-60 minutes. ​ Each session includes a gentle therapeutic yoga sequence and ends with a guided relaxation. ​

  • The client may choose between a chair or mat sequence. (The yoga sequence is optional). ​

  • The Program may be offered both live and online ​ The Program is available for individuals and group sessions.

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