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Therapeutic Yoga For Children With Special Needs

Length: 45 minutes

This class begins with chanting and hand movement to enhance coordination and create connection in a fun and nurturing atmosphere. Yoga poses or Asanas are introduced to promote physical strength and balance. Breathing techniques such as cleansing breaths are taught for removing stagnant air from the lungs and sending fresh flow of energy, pranayama. The class ends with a deep relaxation accompanied with a gentle massage on the head or feet.

Price: Rs.1,200


Vinyasa Yoga 

Length: 60 minutes

This Vinyasa class begins with a short centering breath to create a sense of grounding and presence. The class teaches all the basic yoga poses with an in depth attention to alignment. These poses are creatively linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. The class includes a series of balance, lengthening and strengthening poses to build stamina, confidence and an overall sense of well being.

Price: Rs.1,500

Gentle Yoga (light weights are optional)

Length: 60 minutes

This class begins on our backs with a warm stretching of the legs, hips and back. We then move to standing poses and incorporate light weights (optional) into the sequence for strength building and toning. There is careful cuing to ensure alignment and safety at a slower pace. The class ends with a restorative pose for deeper relaxation.

Price: Rs.1,500

Restorative Yoga

Length: 60 minutes

Restorative Yoga is the practice of holding poses longer than usual while being supported by props.Props include folded blankets, bolsters of various sizes, yoga straps, blocks and eye pillows. Restorative Yoga invites the student to move the spine in gentle multiple ways while becoming wonderfully relaxed and calm. The soothing benefits are for the body and mind

Price: Rs.1,500

Adaptive Yoga Therapy & Chair Yoga

Length: 60 minutes

Adaptive Yoga Therapy may offer a complementary treatment for scoliosis and osteopenia/osteoporosis. This class is taught both on the mat and on a chair. However, this class is also suitable for individuals who are only comfortable using a chair. Balance and spinal posture are very important components of this practice, especially for those with fear of falling. In some cases, adaptive yoga may relieve pain while improving balance, strengthening muscles and promoting better posture.

Price: Rs.1,500


Length: 60 minutes

This hands on healing modality is practiced with a client lying on a yoga mat or massage table. Direct hand contact is optional. Reiki is universal energy that is channeled by the practitioner. Its purpose is to cleanse and balance the seven Chakras or energy centers of the client for overall well being and health.

Price: Rs.1,500

Yoga Nidra

Length: 60 minutes

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is practiced in Savasana or corpse pose, lying on your back. The teacher guides the student in achieving a comfortable state of calmness with relaxed awareness by using mental imagery and rotation of consciousness. Yoga Nidra allows the student to access delta brainwaves thus favoring physical and mental restoration and healing.

Price: Rs.1,500

Yoga Therapy

Length: 75 minutes

The yoga therapy session begins with a comprehensive questionnaire which is sent to the client prior to the first visit. Yoga therapy is a holistic approach which focuses on your physical, emotional and mental health.

This integral approach consists of body scans, affirmations, Mudras or hand gestures, breathing techniques, yoga poses, meditation and deep relaxation. The aim is to relieve stress and manage underlying conditions. This deep yoga therapeutic session paves the way for better understanding and a deep sense of harmony, fulfillment and joy. Often the yoga therapist may work in collaboraton with a healthcare professional.

Price: Rs.1,800

The Overcome Program

Length: 4 sessions of 45-60 minutes each

The Overcome Program helps us to overcome stress and anxiety in our lives. The Program is both educational and experiential. The educational component is taught with short audiovisual videos and the experiential segments are breathing techniques and yoga poses taught by us. We divide our reaction to stress and anxiety into 2 categories.

  1. The first category is positive with movement is characterized with emotions such as anger, rage, frustration

  2. The second category is negative with no movement is characterized with emotions such as low energy, sadness, depression


The Overcome Program teaches us simple and effective yoga therapy techniques that help us to either calm down when feeling agitated or pick ourselves up when feeling down. For each category, empowering self-regulating tools specific to that category are taught for managing and alleviating difficult moments in our lives. 

Price: Rs.6,000

In just a few months Ms. Delatour has improved my physical and mental health. Having tried a multitude of trainers and regimes I can honestly say her ability to teach and tailor the most appropriate parts of yoga, breathing and meditation to my needs is truly exceptional.       

Stephanie Baker, Washington, DC

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