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About Dhyana

~Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist  

~Licensed Clinical Facilitator:  Overcome Program

~Adaptive Yoga Therapist  l  Yoga Teacher I   Reiki Practitioner

Meet Dhyana

Dhyana was called to the practice of yoga in 2006, becoming a student of Vinyasa and delving deep into the synergies between the practice of yoga and its impact on overall health and well-being. Expanding her insights through advanced teacher trainings and specialized study, Dhyana is a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist (TIYT) and an Adaptive Yoga Therapist.  She is also certified in Restorative Yoga, Silver Age Yoga, Yoga for the Special Child, in addition to being a Certified International Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). Dhyana also embraces the art of Reiki Healing with the most fundamentals beauties of the yoga practice and elevates her students addressing physical, mental and spiritual needs. The results are transformative and living this mission of healing is the inspiration for all of Dhyana's work.

The Mission

Therapeutic Practices for the Body, Mind and Soul Inspired by Global Energy and Yogic Wisdom

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist & Licensed Clinical Facilitator:

Overcome Program

Dhyana offers private yoga therapy sessions for individuals and groups who are interested in learning how to calm themselves when feeling anxious, agitated and bring themselves up when feeling down and depressed. She teaches both locally and abroad. The Overcome Program is NOW being offered Online as a 4 week series. These therapeutic classes are infused with specialized breathing exercises, yoga poses and self-care recommendations taught in a safe and nurturing space. Please visit The Overcome Program page for more details.

Adaptive Yoga Therapist

Dhyana is certified in Adaptive Yoga with a focus on osteoporosis. Adaptive yoga may offer a complimentary treatment for specific diagnosed conditions. However, it Does Not attempt to be an alternative to Western treatment. In some cases, adaptive yoga may relieve pain while improving balance, strengthing muscles and promoting better posture.

Yoga Teacher

Dhyana has been teaching Vinyasa style yoga since 2007. She teaches private yoga classes to beginners and intermediate students of all ages and levels  She pays specail attention to the spine in such poses as twists and forward bends for students suffering from low back pain, scoliosis and osteoporosis. 

Reiki Practitioner

Dhyana is trained in the Usui Reiki Tradition. This hands on healing modality is practiced with the client fully dressed. Direct hand contact is entirely optional. Reiki is universal energy that is channelled through the practitioner to balance the Chakras or energy centers of the client for overall well being and health.

Why Global Energy?

Dhyana was born in Bogota', Colombia, raised in the United States and lived most of her adult life in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean Island off the coast of Africa.. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and the local Mauritan dialect (Creole). Dhyana's international experiences have given her a unique perspective on people and the human condition that enhances her ability to share her yogic wisdom and connect with her students.  



Managing Menopause


Online Licensed Clinical Facilitator: Overcome Program



Adaptive Yoga Therapy


800 Hour  Certified International  Association Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) 


500 H Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT)


Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, (TIYT)



Yoga for the Special Child


Silver Age Yoga


Restorative Yoga


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Reiki, Practitioner

BSc. Sociology, University of Mauritius, 2000. Graduated with Honors 

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