• Examines how anxiety manifests itself in our bodies and mind and the several ways by which it is exhibited: physically, emotionally and behaviorally.

  • The Program is both educational and experiential.

  •  The educational piece is taught with short audio       visual videos.

  •  The experiential segments are demonstrations            provided by the facilitator.

  • Our REaction to anxiety is delineated into two categories. For each category, empowering self-regulating tools specific to that category are demonstrated by the facilitator to manage and alleviate difficult moments.

  •   The Overcome Program is divided into 4 sessions. The length of each session is 90 minutes. Each session includes a gentle therapeutic yoga sequence and ends with a guided relaxation.

  • Participants will receive a 16 page package that includes 4 workbooks, 4 yoga therapy sequences and a track sheet to support their study.





  • This workshop will focus on yoga for those with osteoporosis or osteopenia to strengthen normal and weakened bones.


  • Osteoporosis, the loss of bone density, is a natural part of the aging process, but when too much bone is lost the bones become weak and susceptible to fractures or breaks.


  • Osteoporosis can be treated through regular weight bearing exercise such as Yoga. 


  • Yoga helps to stimulate bone strengthening for the whole body while being low-impact.


  • This workshop will teach very safe yoga poses that are beneficial for your bones. 

Army Navy Country Club (temporarily closed)
WEDNESDAY 9:45-10:45 AM
This gentle yoga class begins with the Joint Freeing Series on the mat and works up to a standing gentle yoga practice. Students develop an understanding of simple yoga poses, including balance, posture and breath. The class ends with a relaxing Restorative Pose.
Radiance Yoga (temporarily closed)
WEDNESDAY 4:00-5:15 PM
This class "Yoga Therapy for Stress Reduction & Resilliency" begins with a gentle grounding meditation to settle the mind. Then the class includes a specific breathing technique that calms the nervous system with a gentle flow. The class ends with a body scan and a 15 minute relaxation or Savasana.


In just a few months Ms. Delatour has improved my physical and mental health. Having tried a multitude of trainers and regimes I can honestly say her ability to teach and tailor the most appropriate parts of yoga, breathing and meditation to my needs is truly exceptional.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Stephanie Baker

Washington, DC

The Chakra scan has been an interesting exercise for me because my the last year my mind/body/spirit has been going through a lot. Today was very useful to dedicate some time to meditate on the inner meaning and connection that I've been physically aware of throughout my life.

I could really feel the connection of the chakras. It makes me aware of needing to live mindfully. Really the lower chakras I need to work on through mindful living. Thank you.



This was a great experience for me. The Chakra scan meditation made me feel so relaxed, almost sleeping, but not. I felt free, like letting go feeling, I felt the energy expand as we moved on. As we moved up, I felt like I was flying, in the clouds. I enjoyed feeling like I could say what I want. As you spoke, I began to relax more. When you went into the third eye, I'm very relaxed and I felt like a bird with wings. By the last chakra, I nearly fell asleep I was that relaxed, nothing and everything at the same time.



After years of on and off yoga practice, I finally found a home with Dhyana. What I value most in her approach is the way she provides many options, allowing for the fact that all bodies are different and some days are better than others. There is never any judgement, but always many options to push yourself as far as you wish and your body allows or not. I've learned a lot from Dhyana on how to make small changes to improve my form and strength. She also brings a gentle sense of humor to her classes, which I enjoy.


Bethesda, MD

I first experienced Dhyana's teaching several years ago at a Sunday evening Restorative Yoga Class. I saw how Dhyana has a facility to help you lead yourself to complete relaxation. I told her after several weeks that I thought of her as the "Timeless One". I was delighted when Dhyana took on the Saturday morning classes, where I got to see how Dhyana teaches a regular Vinyasa yoga. She is adept at gently correcting your practice in a manner appropriate to your skill level that also encourages you to gently explore your strengths while  respecting your body. I appreciate how she continues to study and explore other types of yoga, awareness and growth.

LL, Alexandria, VA

Dhyana was recommended to me by a well known DC studio where my son, who has special needs, had had a 1:1 session with a teacher who moved out west. After several years of missing yoga, he was delighted when I was able to connect with Dhyana. And I was able to join the weekly session at my home with my son as well after my work day, and they have been wonderful for both of us. She is caring, kind, fun, and an expert at gauging different levels of experience and ability. I have had the opportunity to have her to myself a few times as well when my son was out of town and she immediately adopted our sessions exclusively to me. She's great!

LH, Washington, DC

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